Vegeta Insane 20th anniversary Special

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In the year 1999, Dragon Ball Z was tearing up the ratings on Cartoon Network and destroying Pokemon and Britney Spears in the search engines. Aside from the massive growing popularity of the series, there was also the rise of Dragon Ball Z websites from the most dedicated of fans. This is the story of “Vegeta Insane”, one of the most popular Dragon Ball Z websites that eventually spawned “Ginga GIRI GIRI” and much more. Read the story of how a 17 year old kid built an empire and lost it all, along with the success and turmoil that came with all of it. See how different the Dragon Ball Z web community was far before the advent of social media as we travel back in time to an era where Dragon Ball Z information was far and hard to find. This is a true story of insanity. This is Vegeta Insane.