Content Policy

You are free to make content and monetize any BGP game footage for reviews, streams, let’s plays, books (images are fine under fair use if you want to feature our games in your books), podcasts, and more. We will never ask for any revenue.

However, you are not allowed to resell or modify any BGP games, music, or assets for profit unless given permission first or under an affiliate program. Transformative works like reviews, documentaries, shorts, and let’s plays are fine to monetize for DVD/Blu-Ray/On-Demand if you sell physical media compilations or sell On-Demand videos. (Examples: Angry Video Game Nerd, The Game Chasers, Gaming Historian, etc.). TV/Web Shows and Movies are fine to show our game footage as well.

Full playthroughs of BGP games (with spoilers) without voice audio like commentary, let’s plays, etc, are fine to monetize, but are not allowed to be sold on physical media or on demand services.

You are free to sell fanworks like fan-art, fan-fiction, etc of any BGP characters, scenarios, etc on sites like redbubble, etsy, etc as long as it is your own work. We will not ask for any revenue or profits. Who knows, we may even hire you for an official project if we like your work enough!

BGP does not participate in the NFT space, so approach NFTs at your own discretion.

Feel free to tag us in any content you make on social media! We’d love to see it!

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BGP will NEVER ask for your personal, credit card, or financial information!

Please contact us at if you have any specific questions not addressed here.