YouTube, Film Gear, and Programs

Check out the gear that’s used in the making of BGP videos and other awesome programs to help you get started making videos and content!

Disclaimer: These are affiliate links and any funds made from these sales will go back into making more BGP videos, books, and content you love. Make sure to support the show by purchasing from the affiliate links!


BGP uses TubeBuddy for the ease of tags, titles, and many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) options provided to improve search rankings on videos. Start with $9 a month to get all the tools to improve your channel!

YouTube DSLR Starter Kit

This is the setup BGP has been using from 2016-Present for normal filming.

Green Screen Kit

The Green Screen setup used by BGP from the beginning.

Streaming Kit

The current streaming kit that’s used on the streams.

Video, Photo, Sound, Writing, and Screenwriting Kit

The programs used for BGP videos, books, and more!

Subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud which is used for everything BGP related like videos, books, images, sound, and more!

Random Meme!

Video Game Reviews, Books, Streams, and More!